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Our Approach

"Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men."

                                                              - Plato

Achieving Areté is the process of discovering, bringing to life, and balancing the delicate interplay between the three rhetorical components of Vision, Story and Audience. Whether you are a politician winning votes, a business executive winning customers or an individual winning a job, our team is committed to unveiling excellence through each stage of this process, as follows:

I. Craft Your Vision.

Define the change you want to accomplish in your arena

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II. Tell Your Story.

Create and deliver simple, standout messages with style and substance

III. Move Your Audience.

Understand how persuasive appeals - logic, credibility, emotion - will draw them in

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Ultimately, the interplay of your vision, your story and your audience will enable you to achieve Areté and thereby achieve influence, prominence and results.

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